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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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she took this cell phone video showing the middle school seventh graders. >> she was just like the sweetest girl. she was just -- she was just making everybody's day, make everyone smile. >> reporter: police are hoping for help as may anyone who saw her late thursday to come forward. people who live in fair field are terrified. they want the person responsible off the streets. >> i think the person should go to jail for life. >> i hope he rots in hell. he did a bad thing, she/him, if it was a family member, whatever. it's not fair. >> reporter: and we are back live looking at a makeshift memorial. this is where folks have been stopping by to express their grief. for many that grief has turned into anger as they see images of a little girl with her pink back
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pack who ultimately ended up dead in this park. now fair field police have set up a tip line. you can find that number on our website reporting live in fair field i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a bay area lawmaker gets his way california gun owners could be required to carry liability insurance to cover the cost of any damage done by their guns. gomez says it would encourage gun owners to take firearm safety classes and other precautions to lower insurance rates. he says it's similar to car insurance. opponents say the bill would simply punish law abiding citizens rather than criminals. the high court moved across town to the university of san francisco. it was part ceremony and part business. the court heard arguments in a
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h historic case involving pot clubs. nbc bay area's monte francis joins us. this will impact a lot of people and businesses. >> reporter: it turns out the question is not easily answered. since california legalized medical marijuana, about 250 cities across the state have banned pot dispensaries. at usf today the seven justices of the state's top court heard arguments from one of those cities, riverside, which banned them and was sued as a result. the justices appeared skeptical of the arguments made on behalf of the medical marijuana industry. >> we're only asking for a very simple ruling, exactly what the statute says. you can't ban -- >> i just think it lends itself
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to lots of different kinds of unanswered questions and further litigati litigation. >> reporter: the justices were less severe in their treatment of the one who pointed out there's nothing in the medical marijuana law prohibiting local government from enacting bans on pot clubs. >> the state and federal government and implement a safe distribution for the medical use of marijuana. that has not happened. >> reporter: a medical marijuana advocate who attended the hearing said it seemed clear to him local governments can only regulate the medical pot industry, not ban it altogether. >> we need regulations through prohibition. prohibition has not worked for 100 years and it didn't work with alcohol. it doesn't work with any other drugs. >> reporter: after the hearing, the attorney told us he thinks
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the justices are divided as they have been in the past on issues of state versus local control. >> i feel we have certain justices in our corner. some of them showed their hands more than others. >> reporter: and the court's special session was to commemorate the law school's 100th anniversary and cameras were allowed inside in an effort to promote the court and education about the highest court in the state, a ruling in this case is expected in 90 days. live in san francisco tonight, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monte. now considering a potential citywide ban on the cultivation of outdoor medical marijuana. the city council voted in 2005 to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. but it didn't address any other types of cultivation. neighbors started complaining publicly about an outdoor grill in one neighborhood, complaining about the smell and says worried
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it will attract other issues. the 49ers are calling the state one of the most depressing of the season, players cleaned out their lockers this morning packing up their personal belongings. the super bowl loss only made it more somber especially for qb colin kaepernick who said sunday's loss will stay with him for the rest of his life. >> we should have won that game. >> he fought back against the baltimore ravens. he fought back against the falcons. he's fought some of the best defenses in the chicago bears. like i told him, keep your head high, man. >> at the last meeting the coaches said to hit the ground running. after a couple days' recuperation and r&r, kaepernick will start training for the next season. today head coach jim harbaugh gave his first press conference since super bowl sunday laettne
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sports. >> it appears investors are cashing in on a giant tech rumor. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us. >> reporter: a lot of money coming to investors thanks to profits and rumors. this one pops up from time to time, hewlett-packard breaking itself up. invest roars like it. meg whitman has said before it won't happen, that hp is stronger as one big company but given that rival dell is taking itself private, changing rumors are back out there. moving higher in after hours tradi trading. good enough for a bump of almost 7%, stock price and after hours trading. also rewarding investors tonight shutter fly, the redwood digital photo company reporting earnings that look picture perfect for wal street. shares up almost 14% in extended
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trading. a day of good news for tech jobs thanks to more than $100 million in bay area startups just today. proving the silicon valley is the place to be for growth. as the stock market heats up, so does the job market. money flowing into startups like new relic of san francisco which pulled in $80 million and white house security of santa clara scoring a $31 million funding round. >> really intended to continue to grow. >> reporter: that's the kind of money that leads to growth and what everybody wants to hear, new hiring. >> we added over 100 people this last year and we're intendingfw at another 100 people this coming year so a lot of these are focused on growing the sales. >> reporter: with all those new job listings, technologies are brushing up resumes from san jose to san francisco. >> certainly the valley is back
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economically. >> reporter: and thanks to growth in companies from twitter to adobe, the silicon valley community foundation says the term silicon valley now officially includes san francisco. today from san francisco to san jose where those two anchor cities are book ends for a vibrant valley of tech, of innovation, of startup, of mature tech businesses. >> reporter: all looking for the kind of success we saw in one day both here and here. they say in 2012 nearly half of all the jobs out in the bay area came from silicon valley tech companies, the ratio we last saw during the dot-com boom. >> thank you, scott. look at this. this is not a story about a few dirty restaurants. it's about 6,000 eateries in silicon valley. ahead at 6:00, the investigative unit goes undercover to he can pose a broken system and
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inspection report you have never seen. >> also, the problem isn't a shocker but the solution may be. a live look at our bay area traffic. the bay area moving up the list of worst commutes in the country. why the key to improving the situation may be to slow down drivers even more. >> and just 21 minutes to save your marriage, the simple task that could have lasting benefits. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking large changes, not only the cooldown today but eventually showers in the seven-day forecast. and we do want to update you after this large pacific earthquake, an 8.0 in the solomon islands. there is no west coast tsunami warning. we'll have details if anything changes on that coming up.
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have you filled up this
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week? yes, gas prayers are higher again. in fact, they're heading for record territory. the average for a gallon of gas in california is now $3.93. that's a whopping 32 cents more than it was just a month ago. kris sanchez joins us live from san jose. what's the reason for the price tag this time? >> reporter: well, jessica, there are a lot of different reasons, they are very frustrated. they say they're used to paying higher gas prices here in california and they are also used to paying more for that summer blend of gas that is more expensive but we're transitioning to now. 32 cents in one month is pretty frustrating. >> i think it's outrageous. >> reporter: watching the gas prices go up as he drove cross-country from minnesota to the golden state. in the last month alone up 32 cents average of $3.93 a gallon of regular unleaded. >> you don't really have an option.
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you have to keep going. you can't just quit life just because the gas goes up. >> reporter: san francisco is really feeling the pain. his car takes the most expensive gas. >> it had gone down to a good level $4 for supreme. unfortunately, i have to get supreme on this. then $4.09 a gallon. it's frustrating. >> reporter: aaa says there's a number of reasons for the spike in california because of scheduled and unscheduled refinery maintenance and political unrest in oil producing countries plus the switch from cheaper winter blend to more expensive summer blend. add to that our optimism. we are feeling better about the economy and when we feel better, we up the demand. >> gas speculation, that's the problem. it's not the actual extraction of it. they're making the money.
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>> reporter: according to the u.s. energy administration american households spent about $3,000 on gas last year which works out before taxes about 4% of a household's income. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. comments about traffic in los angeles, turns out traffic here in the bay area is just as bad. tonight a new study reveals our dubious link with southern california. res researchers say we have the second worst traffic congestion in the nation. experts say there's no fix. a live look at our evening commute. it doesn't look so bad. let's bring in bay area's marianne favro with the details. >> reporter: whether you watch here in oakland or here in fremont, you are part of the second worst commute in the nation when it comes to hours spent waiting in traffic. a new report from the texas a&m transportation institute says only washington, d.c., drivers spend more time waiting in traffic. the study found in 2011 you
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spent on average 61 hours sitting in your traffic. want to put a price tag on that wasted gas and time? the institute says on average we lost $818 in a year because of those delays. then there are the health costs. the study also found the average bay area commuter put carbon dioxide into the air every year and that could be deadly. >> when there's very high levels we would call it trigger level of air pollution that we have more depth in our communities. >> reporter: metropolitan tra transportation commission can leaders say while traffic congestion is unlikely, managing it is possible and they believe it starts with adding more metering lights and more lanes will be added as part of the performance initiative. >> over the course of the next couple of decades we'll see a major reason why an expansion of
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the express lane network, which is a means by which solo drivers who choose to pay a toll can take advantage of the unused compaapacity in car-pool lanes. >> reporter: the question now is whether motorists are willing to pay a toll to prevent congested high waste from taking a toll on their time n. fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. san francisco is considering a new world sharing proposal for one of the city's most popular sfrets. it would remove all buses from traveling on mission street to make room for the growing number of cyclists. redesigning that popular area. the goal was to create a space that would be more pedestrian and bike friendly. if the project is approved it would break ground some time until 2017. the san jose city council is getting into the battle over california's ban on same sex marriage. today the city council voted to send a letter to the supreme court supporting those who have
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filed suit to overturn the state's ban on gay marriage. councilman says he's confident the san jose voters support the rights for everyone to marry. >> san jose's voters overwhelmingly rejected prop 8, and so this is something that's been spoken to already by the voters in this county and this city. and so even putting that aside, i think we see the tide turning when it comes to marriage equality. >> the supreme court is set to hear arguments for and against prop 8. the next day the court is expected to hear arguments on whether legally gay married couples have benefits under law. let's bring in jeff ranieri. things are changing. a little sunny, are a little foggy. >> i know. a little bit of everything. temperatures down about 5 to 10 degrees. who would have thought mid-60s would feel warm? down to 48 for your daytime high, that definitely is controlled air coming on in. also 58 in redwood city.
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55 in san francisco. daytime high of 63 in santa rosa. we have 57 there. a happy birthday today, thanks for your information each and every day. those current temperatures are cooling off to the 40s in a few areas, 52 in napa. and back for the east bay, going to be in the 40s in no time. at least widespread 40s. already 49 at danville. 49 in walnut creek and 50 in pleasanton. outside to our live hd sky camera network and some of the cloud cover down in the silicon valley. you can see a lot of haze there as we move on up to the north and back to san francisco. there's also that marine layer at about 1,500 feet and cruising along pretty good that will keep fog in the forecast for tomorrow. san francisco is looking magnificent tonight. here we go. we have the storm system we're dealing with today that will continue off to the south and the east, and then we have this
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next player out here in the pacific. it is not a big storm system. i know a lot of you want heavy rain. your gardens need it. your lawns need it. it's not going to happen. as this storm gets close, it's not going to break apart. we are still forecasting areas of rain but more on the lighter side. it's also going to continue to drop our temperatures as we head throughout mainly thursday and friday and could even drop snow levels as we mentioned yesterday down to about 2,000 feet as we head throughout thursday night and also on friday. meanwhile for tomorrow we'll start with areas of clouds and also some patchy fog. temperatures in the 40s here at 8:00 a.m. and then as we head throughout the day, a mix of sun and clouds and not too mild as we head throughout 4:00 p.m. with temperatures expected in the upper 50s. now here is something to think about as we head throughout thursday, a chance of showers. we're going to keep that lingering chance in the forecast friday but not a major storm system. if you do have any plans outdoors, you probably don't need to cancel them. you might need the umbrella from time to time as we head into the next three days. let's preview this upcoming
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weekend. temperatures expected to drop into the upper 20s and also low 30s by saturday morning so places like santa rosa, napa and los gatos quite a chilldown as we head into saturday. we want to get you a quick update here. still no tsunami warning. this is the good news for the west coast. there's been a major pacific earthquake at 8.0 in the past hour right near the santa cruz can and solomon islands. there's reports of damage and also injuries coming in. so it's definitely something very serious where a lot of people know. no tsunami warnings. facebook fatigue. have you heard about it? still ahead, the new survey showing there might be too much of a good thing. >> and a seismic shift in one bay area state, to make sure homes are ready for the next big quake. and to catch a burglar, new surveillance video coming into our newsroom.
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want to show you some newly released surveillance video of a burglary in san francisco. watch closely. it happened on january 24th on the 700 block of third avenue. we saw the suspect came in from the backyard forcing his way through the back door of this house. stole two laptops, and some money. an orange construction vest with stripes. a man in connection with a hit-and-run that sent a woman. he's accused of hitting a 1-year-old, a 7-year-old girl and 29-year-old mother on crestview drive yesterday aft afternoon.
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they arrested delgado nearby about 45 minutes later. >> alcohol does not seem to be a factor at this point. determine the speeds and anything else that may have led to this collision. neighbors say drivers often feed along and don't stop at crosswalks. police say their patrol division and the city will look into ways to make that street safer. >> the thousands of people who live in san francisco are about to find out if they live in so-called soft story buildings. structures which have weak ground floors making them unsafe in an earthquake. now you might remember that during the 1989 earthquake, seven buildings collapsed. leaders introduced an ordinance requiring building owners to begin retrofitting any soft story buildings.
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they are considering labeling all soft story meetings so tenants will be aware of the threat. now all the logistics are worked out, classes will begin in the university of san mateo. they will be operating out of two buildings on third avenue. it's an unconventional school. it doesn't offer diplomas but does teach aspiring entrepreneurs. pays more than $15 million are for the building an additional $30,000 to find an agency to manage traffic and park iing. we go undercover to ebb pose local restaurants violating a state law. the governor of texas just an opportunist preying on
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california businesses or is he fibing about his own safe perfe performance? we take a look. and i'm janelle wang, a presidential order. kill al qaeda terrorists even if they're u.s. citizens. that report uncovered by nbc news. a major step to legalizing gay marriage. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone
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[ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ as they say everything's bigger in texas, but does bigger necessarily mean better? texas governor rick perry has poked our state in the side running a 32nd radio ad telling businesses to move to texas for a better business climate. sam? raj, good evening. two separate issues at hand. one is the added self-accurate and, number two, a better
6:29 pm
business climate. stretching the truth and here is a clip. >> there are plenty of reasons texas has been named the best state for doing business for eight years running. see why our low taxes are just the thing to get your business moving to texas. >> reporter: now where governor perry is taking liberties with facts. they were named the best state for business but the source chief executive's annual survey of ceos. some more widely regarded cnbc rankings went with texas in 2012 but they chose virginia in 2011. in fact, those two states have flip-flopped since cnbc began a study six years ago.
6:30 pm
then perry's claim of low taxes in texas. the nonpartisan tax foundation ranks the states with the best tax climate, they did come in ninth overall. but pulled up by higher than average corporate tax rate and property tax rate. finally perry talked about a fair legal system, fairer than california's maybe but in the u.s. chamber of commerce. california was actually worse, close to dead last at 47. >> lawyers make decisions, based on a number of factors including a state's lawsuit climate that has become increasingly important. by comparison a measurably more favorably lawsuit than california. >> california home prices, much higher than they are in texas.
6:31 pm
the average single family home sold for more than $366,000, compare that to around $160,000 in texas. the golden state's tax climate is ranked 48th in the country. the tax foundation study you mentioned again is compared to ninth in texas and our unemployment rate which has certainly improved is still a far cry from texas' race of 6.1%. if you're an employer, you're looking at the basic fundamentals for growth, taxes, unemployment, clearly beats out california. while rubbing our nose in it, governor perry has also lied about his own state's performance. that was not something we're planning on letting go unnoticed. >> okay, sam, thank you. california is now suing the debt rating agency standard & poor's costing california investors billions of dollars. the state's attorney general filed a lawsuit today in san francisco one day after the
6:32 pm
federal government accuse d standard & poor's of fraud. harris blames s&p for, quote, intentionally corrupted ratings which led investors to put their money into risky funds. harris claims two state pension funds relied on it and lost more than a billion dollars. standard & poors denies any wrongdoing n. sacramento republicans are april cuesing cal fire of hiding money. cal fire admits to placing millions of dollars in a nonprofit account, prompting more than two dozen republican lawmakers to demand that the governor repeal a fire fee which was recently passed for rural california property own 0ers. >> what we're concerned about is this administration hasn't shown any appetite to go after their department heads or their department and so we want an outside agency to investigate this. taxpayers have been misled. >> the state department of finance already has an investigation under way. cal fire denies any money was
6:33 pm
hidden saying the nonprofit fund was posted on the state's transparency website. >> the investigation comes just months after financial shifting was uncovered in the state parks department. today the white house was responding to a leaked memo. that memo appears to give the u.s. the power to use unmanned drones to kill american citizens linked to terrorism. janelle wang join us in our "world tonight." jay carney defends the memo saying president obama takes seriously his responsibility to protect the u.s. from al qaeda terrorists. the 16-page document uncovered by nbc news revealed the justice department approved the use of unmanned drone strikes on suspected terrorists even if they are u.s. citizens and if there's an imminent threat. one example the 2011 air strike in yemen which killed two suspects both u.s. citizens. today senator dianne feinstein demanded more details of that report. critics also spoke out today saying drone strikes kill
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innocent civilians. secret of the cia reveal the most complete report yet of covert operations when it comes to detaining terror suspects. today's report said 54 countries including afghanistan, syria and pakistan have helped the u.s. since the 9/11 attack. some of the countries provided intelligence or aided in the capture transport or detention of terror suspects. president obama will make his first trip to israel since becoming president. he will visit benjamin netanyahu to discuss a variety of topics including security issues surrounding iran and syria. during his trip president obama will visit the west bank and jordan. a historic visit between two other leaders today. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is in cairo meeting with egyptian president morsi. he is the first iranian leader to visit egypt since 1979. for the last three decades iran and egypt have been at bitter
6:35 pm
odds over all kinds of issues but today agreed to have future talks. one demonstrator not happy with about ahmadinejad's visit. he tried to smack the leader with a shoe but was immediately detained. gay marriage is one step closer to becoming a reality in england. the british parliament approved a bill legalizing same sex marriage. the prime minister david cameron supports the bill even though members of his conservative party do not. >> we asked about equality. making our society stronger. i respect that. >> the bill now goes to the house of lords. if approved gay marriage is to begin in 2015. jessica? >> okay, thank you, janelle. the secretary has not decided which benefits just yet. officials say the pentagon is
6:36 pm
likely to allow same sex partners access to the on base commissary and other subsidized stores as well as some health and welfare programs. it is doubtful the pentagon could offer medical, dental and housing allowances. benefits require the repeal of the toefs of marriage act, the law which defense marriage as a union between a man and a woman. despite lifting the ban on overly gay and lesbian troops, the pentagon still cannot recognize those marriages. still ahead at 6:00, investigative reporter jenna goes undercover to expose a broken system in the restaurant inspection reports you've never seen. >> and can you save your marriage in a matter of minutes? the simple task that might be the key. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we did manage some sunshine by this afternoon. but tomorrow it is going to stay cool. numbers in the mid-50s. we do want to update you two more aftershocks from the 8.0 pacific earthquake.
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there is no west coast tsunami warnings. we'll be keeping a close eye on it. more coming up.
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smoking rate are higher among adults with mental illness. adults with some form of meant mental illness. they smoke more and are less likely to quit, research shows. one in five americans has some sort of a mental illness defined as behavioral or emotional. the data shows more needs to be done to break the habit.
6:40 pm
about two-thirds of u.s. adults use it on a regular basis. that doesn't mean they don't get sick of it. new research found out today 61% of current facebook users said they've taken breaks from the site. why? the usual reasons, privacy and security concerns, not enough time for their profiles, and the general sense that facebook is just a major waste of time. only 12% said the significance increased over the last year which is not good news for a company who needs to profit from its users. everyone knows keeping a marriage together takes work, hard work. apparently homework. chicago researchers found that couples who spent seven minutes writing short essays about their fight were happier. each spouse was asked to write about the argument. all that writing didn't make it but did make it less upset and
6:41 pm
volumes of things to read later. >> so just annest say? >> a seven pagest say. >> all right, jeff. national weather person's day. a live look in san francisco can i cruise ship. we'll tell you more about some rain back in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. page 47, my wife continues to yell at me. i can't believe it. happy national weather person's day to you, jeff ranieri. it's been a rough couple of days for 49ers fans. find out what jim harbaugh had to say about the final few plays of super bowl xlvii plus the most entertaining week on the pga tour, see how members of the giants and 49ers rubbed elbows on the leafs. that is all coming up from the x
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fi if finity sports desk.
6:43 pm
it sounds disgusting, roaches, rats, rotting food, what you usually hear when the media reports on restaurant inspections. >> we expose a system that's failing diners in the silicon valley. reporter jenna joins us.
6:44 pm
>> restaurants based on the results of health inspections, you never know just how kitchens fare because there is no grading system. so we went undercover. what we found, restaurants violating a state law and no one enforcing it allowing secrets to cook behind the kitchen door. >> i can't bring you the copy. that's only for us. >> reporter: state law requires all restaurants keep a copy of the most recent inspection report on hand. if you asked to see it, they have 20 show it to you. >> no, that's our report. >> reporter: he's the manager of this denny's in sunnyvale. >> reporter: how are we supposed to know if it's clean or not? documents show it was shut down in late 2011 for a large amount of roaches and inspectors found more living at denny's just last
6:45 pm
summer. the most recent inspection redevelops four violations but, remember, he wouldn't show us that report. >> denny's is different. we have a different procedure. we don't share our inspections to our customers. >> reporter: but even denny's has to follow the law. one our investigation found many restaurants violated. have you ever been shut down or anything? >> 25 years. >> reporter: 25 years? >> i don't care. >> is this acceptable? it absolutely not. >> reporter: denny's sent us this statement. denny's brand policy is to provide the most recent health inspection report upon request as mandated by state law. we are reminding all of our restaurants in california of this policy. coming up tonight watch as we go undercover at more restaurants in the silicon valley where some employees told us to leave and others didn't share the truth. we'll also show you other ways to get inspection information
6:46 pm
and why they lead to more questions. our full investigation at 11:00. >> okay. one of those we don't want to miss. you have to tune in to see that. if you have a tip, give us a call 888-996-tips. okay. it's weather person's day? >> national weather person's day. >> national weather person's day. >> our hero of the day. >> thank you. the ground hog gets a day, can't we? we do it 365 days a year. he does it just for one. it's been foggy here today. we added some drizzle this morning. it's now starting to push off to the south. some of you getting some sunshine this afternoon. we are going to be looking at rainfall come here as well. temperatures starting to cool off into the 40s in the north bay, 48 nova it to. let's take you outside to our sky camera network and we do
6:47 pm
have some clearing coming in tomorrow. let's cruise on up to san francisco and those shipping docks. they're always about busy and there's a cruiseship. i bet they're having an awesome time on the water. seas not too rough. the latest system we talked about this morning that produced fog and drizzle is pushing off to the south and here is the next storm. it is not very strong at all but is going to provide our first chance here of accumulating rain that looks like it could tip that rain bucket over a tenth of an inch for february. we haven't seen much in the way of rain for january. we are overly excited to even get this kind of rainfall. the storm will break up as it gets close to us. it is also going to provide this reinforcing shot of some cold air as we head into thursday and also friday's forecast. we'll stay in the cool side. for the interior valley to mid-50s. we're not going to introduce a chance here at rain until about
6:48 pm
5:00 a.m. on thursday and that will be up into the north bay. as we head throughout the commute thursday, we're going to find that chance of rainfall increasing and we'll keep that chance in the forecast as we head all throughout thursday afternoon. not going to be a large storm. not even a lot of snowfall for the sierra but will change things up for what we have not seen in our winter pattern. 3 to 6 inches expected in the sierra. 6 inches for you. a nice dusting of snowfall for the ski resorts. as far as tomorrow goes, we'll have areas of patchy fog developing in the north bay. 36 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. 37 in livermore. also low to mid-40s down in the silicon valley. 45 in san jose and 41 in los gatos. for tomorrow we will have temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees and not a whole lot of contrast on the weather boards. with all of this cold air pushing across the bay area. 55 in san francisco and then you head over to livermore and you have 58. so not a full-on micro climate
6:49 pm
day. on your three day we get that chance of showers in here on thursday, also on friday. then for this upcoming weekend never too early to look april head to the friday and saturday. plenty of sunshine coming on back and that will continue into next monday and also tuesday. the other thing of note by this weekend saturday morning, temperatures will be the coldest they have been in a while. we could have record setting lows and upper 20s. so on that day it would be a good day to be a ground who go with all of that fur but any other day forget it. >> yes, of course. >> i'm not bitter. >> congratulations on your day again. >> thank you. >> cake and flowers waiting in the newsroom. >> we have to get a card for you. li listen to this one. the 49ers may have lost the super bowl but fans got free jell-o pudding cups as a consolation prize kind of. all part of jell-o's promotion during the super bowl that the losing city gets free pudding cups. they set up free drop-off
6:50 pm
locations. it's part of jell-o's national ad campaign. so if you were in any of the areas you actually might appear in a commercial. if you were lucky enough you may have gotten the free pudding cups from 49er great ronnie lott. he was at one of the locations handing out pudding. >> can you imagine getting a pudding cup? that would have been a shocker, don't you think, jim? >> i do think so. we did get some free food here. i'm going to let you ruminate on that. let's go with the super bowl that was in the balance. four tries from inside the 10 yard line. if you're a 49ers fan, you kind of like your chances to that point of the game. unfortunately, it was not to be. 49ers failed to score on their four attempts to take the lead in super bowl xlvii and the final pass to michael crabtree fell into questions of the 49ers play calling came to the
6:51 pm
forefront. >> we came up five yards short. certainly we know how it ended up, we didn't get the ball in. maybe a different play call, that's the way i always feel. if you do something that doesn't work, the would have, could have, should have, is undefeated. that's never failed. >> on to golf. pebble beach has been called the greatest meeting of landon. both merged into one as our john henry smith was there to experience it. >> reporter: well, it's not very often you find 49ers and giants on the same field but there they were on the golf links at pebble
6:52 pm
beach on tuesday playing in a celebrity shoot-out. >> we knew guys like harris and dwight clark and red jones and jerry rice. we never had a chance to socialize with them. this has been very cool. with this crazy season going to the playoffs and super bowl and all of that, i haven't been able to play much. >> reporter: as the guys hit the links, the 49ers' close super bowl loss was still a hot topic of conversation. >> i watched most from outside because there were kids inside and i didn't want to swear in front of them. >> were they robbed? >> nobody's ever robbed in the super bowl. you have to earn it. >> reporter: of course some members of the giants contingent were excited about the opening of spring training as the g-men set to defend their world series title. >> we need a game right now. we have withdrawal symptoms. this bunch we get to watch every day they're so special in so many ways. >> reporter: the 49ers of yesteryear and current 49ers set to join the field later this
6:53 pm
weekend. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is set to play in this event later on this week. from pebble beach, i'm john henry smith for nbc bay area news. and a key could g will retu. we have confirmed the giants agree to terms with ramone ramirez in a minor league contract. he pitched in 58 games for the mets last season to the nba warriors taking on the rockets, the first of a four-game swing. the rockets in transition. the rockets up eight. time winding down into the first. jack nails the buzzer beater. warriors trail by just one after one but right now they enter the fourth 104-86. houston all over the warriors. that is it tonight at 11:00. we'll have sharks/warriors highlights and plenty more. speaking of food, because those
6:54 pm
of you at nbc bay air qua are so kind and gracious, our hard work in new orleans, gave us all free dinner tonight. so for all of us, and we do have a complex here, thank you very much for dinner tonight. >> so you got pizza? we sent pizza? >> pizza and salad and stuff. >> we'll just keep it at that. >> yeah, exactly. >> you did a great job. thank you, jim.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00,
6:57 pm
chris culliver tries to make amends to his anti-gay comments. tonight the group that is working with him to make that happen. that's tonight after the return of "smash. "remember "smash"? that's a good show. >> have a good evening and happy weather. >> national weather person's day.
6:58 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now, on "extra." olympic star lindsey vonn's horrific caught-on-camera ski crash. our interview with vonn and the rumors tiger rushed to her bedside. did beyonce have a janet jackson style super bowl slip?
6:59 pm
and revenge of the nerd. how many times bar refaeli had to kiss the kid. >> 25? >> keep going. >> 50? >> keep going! >> is britney the new star of the vegas strip? >> we're breaking news on the top-secret negotiations. >> tim mcgraw opens up about getting sober with faith by his side. >> she had a lot of input in my decision to quit drinking. >> bradley, denzel, jennifer and jackson. who will side with renee on oscar countdown. >> who are you taking? >> what happens when we sent in super producer jerry weintraub to surprise his friend, bruce willis. >> you are the biggest movie star. >> yeah, i know. >> governor chris christie downing a donut and busting on his weight. new jersey's political star opens up to our hilaria baldwin about a white house run. plus -- mario versus maria. time for mario to strip down and pay up on his super bowl bet. and pay up on his super bowl bet.


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